Warehouse product slotting

Product slotting can have a huge impact on the operation of your warehouse.

The term “product slotting” refers to the activity to assign specific warehouse bin locations to specific stock keeping units (SKU’s).

SCSA has the toolkits and experience to develop a product slotting plan for your warehouse that will help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Optimise the cubic utilisation of the storage fixtures
  • Maximise order picking productivity – by reducing travel distances
  • Maximise put away productivity – by reducing travel distances
  • Achieve effective workload balancing across zones and aisles, improving productivity and minimising bottlenecks
  • Maximise ergonomics and safety for operators in the placement and selection of items – through appropriate slotting of fast-moving, heavy and over-sized items
  • Minimise the labour cost / effort associated with the initial load-up of the new storage fixtures (ie one-off transfer from old)
  • Maximise customer service – by reducing the lead time to process orders
  • Reduced inventory damage – by matching the optimum fixture type to the nature of the inventory
  • Ensure the appropriate storage of any goods which require lot tracking

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