Warehouse & Distribution Centre Design

Designing an effective and productive warehouse or distribution centre is not just about designing the building.

It is more about designing the operation, which will be a function of integrating the 4 elements of – people, process, technology and facilities.

For this reason, we often say at SCSA that we design warehouses “from the inside out”. We identify the operational needs and strategic goals of the business, then develop design concept(s) of the fitout and layout of the warehouse that best fulfils those needs and goals, and that delivers required ROI targets.

A well-designed warehouse will deliver the best outcome in relation to the perennial trade-off between cubic utilisation (which affects building size/cost) versus stock accessibility (which affects labour productivity).

Our warehouse designers are among the most credentialed in Australia. See here for some illustrations of direct client benefits gained from SCSA’s warehouse design service.

See here for an article by one of SCSA’s consultants relevant to this topic

SCSA adds to clients’ bottom-line by providing logistics & supply chain advice, design, and project management services

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