Outsourcing / insourcing Logistics services

Whether to outsource any logistics functions to an external 3rd party logistics service provider (3PL) is an important decision for a business to make.

As is the reverse, ie take back in-house logistics functions that were previously performed by a 3PL (ie insourcing).

SCSA provides expert support to clients to manage their way through this process, in the following areas:

  • High-level strategic review of the logistics functions and services, as part of the due diligence and to inform any business case for change
  • Preparation of scope of work specifications, service level standards, and KPI’s
  • Preparation of approach-to-market documentation (RFQ, RFP) – for outsourcing
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of supplier submissions – for outsourcing
  • Support in the identification, specification and development of in-house capability to perform the functions – for insourcing

SCSA adds to clients’ bottom-line by providing logistics & supply chain advice, design, and project management services

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