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  • The impact of effective inventory management system Australia or stock management on supply chain and hence operational performance is being rightly recognized by executive management grappling with challenging economic circumstances.   Whether the focus is on B2C or B2B, internal customers or external ones, support to production or maintenance,  sales or promotions the impact on strategic profit and risk of this key functional skill set demands focus and investment.  Inventory management, inventory system design, inventory process mapping, stockholding are all critical determinants of profitability and service level delivery.
  • Along with the provision of Stock-take services ( see recruitment/contract personnel) SCSA has improved inventory management for many clients across mining, oil and gas, engineering, manufacturing, FMCG, Government and Defence.
  • Through hands-on assessment and evaluation, we have been able to assist in the implementation of new systems and improvement of inventory management by significant amounts.
    • Inventory Policy, Process, Procedure, KPI and stockholding review
    • Inventory Holding Policy Review
    • Inventory management process mapping and training
    • Sourcing and Implementation of Inventory Management Systems
    • Inventory management system design
    • Inventory Training, Mentoring and Workshops

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